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Like Paul Revere, only ignored by everyone, the Mogambo recommends Buying Silver...

know me as just a guy referred to by the news media as "local hothead" or sometimes "extremist loudmouth doom-and-gloomer" or (my favorite) "looney toon", writes the Mogambo Guru in The Daily Reckoning.

But to most people I am known as just a guy who never shuts up about the horrors of inflation in prices that is going to be caused by the inflation in the money supply by the Federal Reserve.

Oh, I tried other identities to "find myself", of course, but "love god" never really worked out for me. To the nay-sayers among you, I say this is obvious only in hindsight, unlike "genius" and "computer whiz", which were ridiculous from the outset, and while I seemed perfectly suited to a career of "circus freak" it just didn't have the cache to attract the really hot chicks.

Of course, I am The Great Mogambo, and as such, am much more than that, as I am also known as a guy who is honest enough to tell you, right to your face so there is no possibility of an error in communication, that you are an idiot if you are not Buying Silver, gold and oil to protect your stupid, ignorant butt from the terrors of the inflation that will be caused by the sheer amounts of money, which, at last count, is too much to count, being created by the world's central banks which are, at last count, almost all of them, and the governments that are engaging in insane levels of deficit-spending, which are, also at last count, again, almost all of them, too.

The reason that I bring this up is because I think I can be famous, like Paul Revere was famous for riding though every Middlesex village and farm shouting "The British are coming! The British are coming!", as the guy who brings you this week's Mogambo Big Investment News (MBIN) – which is an article by a guy named Jeff Nielson, writing in the James Cook Market Update newsletter, who says that because silver kills the bacteria that causes body odor, "the use of silver in sportswear has exploded into one of the largest single applications of silver. This one usage already consumes more than 1,200 TONS of silver per year."

From virtually nothing a few years ago, to being "one of the largest single applications of silver"? Wow! That is why I am running down the street shouting, "The silver boom is coming! The silver boom is coming!" – an important message which, of course, loses some of its punch when some people sneer and want to know, "Where's your horse, Paul Revere?" and some people say, "Who's Paul Revere?" and someone answers, "He's in the band Paul Revere and the Raiders!" and they want to know if I am in the band, and I say, "No, I'm not in the band, you nitwits! This is about how silver is going to zoom in price as a function of soaring demand!" and they want to know what that has to do with silver, and some trivia nerd says, "Well, the Beatles were originally known as the Silver Beetles, so maybe it has something to do with that!"

Soon I am dispirited, and I just go home, only to find, making it all worse, that I just missed a Gilligan's Island marathon, which really puts me into a funk until I remembered that this is only the beginning for silver, coming as it does as a Perfect Storm where germ-o-phobia meets insane increases in money supply meets falling supply of silver! Whee! This is too, too sweet!

As an example, Nielson says that the "Gold Award for Healthcare Fabrics" was recently given to a company that produced the first silver-impregnated upholstery for the healthcare industry, so that you, as the theoretical visitor to a hospital, can, for one thing, have a theoretically germ-free, infection-free, spore-free, mucus-free, mold-free, fungus-free, virus-free couch to lie down upon and rest your weary head, and not have to soon think about how something (sniff, sniff) smells funny, and you realize that your head is resting where other people have sat down on their nasty, germ-laden, sick butts or (I shudder to mention it) where they sat the butts of their sick, diapered babies.

This is, of course, separate from that whole issue about how people are standing around the waiting room with no place to sit while I am hogging the whole couch so that I can lie down and pick my toenails to pass the time until some quack doctor half my age gets around to testing me for the effects of mysterious rays being beamed into my brain, either from outer space or the CIA, which they ridicule, only proving that they are in on the conspiracy, as far as I am concerned.

I thought that a living testament to toenail care would be a valued instructional activity for the other patients in the waiting room, which I thought they would like better than me roaming the room, endlessly pacing, like a caged tiger, angrily telling the waiting room full of patients that "If you have a chance to die painlessly, do it now, because the Federal Reserve is creating So Freaking Much (SFM) money that you will not want to live through the suffering of a future where prices are so impossibly high that you cannot afford to eat, and you will die horribly while your children curse you for giving them birth, and spit on you, and steal your stuff and want to borrow money from you all the time, and even when they are grown up, they will want to come and live with you, and you will wail and wish, wish, wish that you had listened when I told you to Buy Gold, silver and oil to protect yourself against the raging inflation in consumer prices that necessarily must – must! – follow such massive inflation in the money supply. But you didn't! You did not listen! Hahaha!

"So die now, or die later after a lot more suffering, as that is your choice, thanks to the irresponsibility and sheer idiocy of the Federal Reserve, and that thanks to being allowed to be that way by a corrupt, ignorant, and fiscally stupid Congress, made possible by the corrupt, traitorous Supreme Court in 1934 when they ruled that the Dollar did not have to be made only of silver and gold like the Constitution of the United States says it must, and the Dollar could be a mere fiat currency, a decision upheld by every Supreme Court ever since!"

I am not sure if it was the ugly reality of what I was saying, or perhaps a commentary on the hygienic qualities of my lesson in toenail care, or something else entirely, but for some reason Mr. Neilson says that he figures, as I figure, that "The potential usage in this one category of silver consumption is nothing short of mind-boggling", which I can certainly corroborate as a guy who has spent an entire lifetime having his mind boggled by many things, including this mind-boggling increase in the use of silver, although nothing was quite so mind-boggling as when I eventually found out, as the newlywed husband, what "putting up with her crap every freaking day" really, really meant, and how few options I had if she just won't shut up, shut up, shut up about me getting some kind of stupid job, or at least stop watching TV on the couch all day, or at least take a bath or shave once in awhile, or something, all the time something!

And then, after she got pregnant, it all got worse! So, you want mind-boggling? I'll give you mind-boggling!

Well, as boggled as my mind was and is, I had enough non-boggled cranial neurons left to appreciate "The Case for Silver" by Adrian Ash at BullionVault, who corroborates all of this when he writes, "Excluding silver investing demand, London's VM Group analysts now forecast an additional 350 million ounces of annual silver demand by 2020," which is the result of increased use of RFID tags, ID cards, solar panels, wood preservatives and – "because silver, a biocide, inhibits bacteria" – there will be an increase of silver used in wound care, other medical uses, food hygiene, which is not to even mention the phenomenal growth in the aforementioned anti-odor/anti-germ textiles!

! I mean, it just doesn't get easier, right?

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The angriest guy in economics, the Mogambo Guru is Richard Daughty, general partner and COO for Smith Consultant Group, serving the financial and medical communities. The Mogambo Guru economic newsletter – an avocational exercise to heap disrespect on those who desperately deserve it – has been quoted frequently in Barron's, The Daily Reckoning and other fine publications.

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