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GARY DORSCH is editor of the Global Money Trends newsletter. He worked as chief financial futures analyst for three clearing firms on the trading floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange before moving to the US and foreign equities trading desk of Charles Schwab and Co.

There he traded across 45 different exchanges, including Australia, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, the Eurozone, London, Toronto, South Africa, Mexico and New Zealand. With extensive experience of forex, US high grade and corporate junk bonds, foreign government bonds, gold stocks, ADRs, a wide range of US equities and options as well as Canadian oil trusts, he wrote from 2000 to Sept. '05 a weekly newsletter, Foreign Currency Trends, for Charles Schwab's Global Investment department.

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09 Nov '13 Eurozone: Bubbles Vs. Deflation Gary Dorsch
07 Oct '13 Why the Fed Didn't Taper QE Gary Dorsch
01 Sep '13 Bank of England Swaps "Forward Guidance" for QE Habit Gary Dorsch
29 Aug '13 Bond Vigilantes Strike on Fed's QE Tapering Gary Dorsch
30 Jul '13 Fed to Taper QE, Gold Prices to Rise? Gary Dorsch
05 Jun '13 Dangerous Divergence in Stocks vs. Bonds Gary Dorsch
14 May '13 Crushing the Yen Gary Dorsch
18 Apr '13 Gold, Shale Oil and the Rise of the Dow Gary Dorsch
21 Nov '12 Cliff or No Cliff, Expect More Money Printing Gary Dorsch
19 Nov '12 How the Fed Helped Create the "Cliff" Gary Dorsch
17 Oct '12 The End of the Bernanke Put? Gary Dorsch
02 Aug '12 The Madness of Chairman Ben Gary Dorsch
13 Jul '12 HFT vs. the Eurozone Slump Gary Dorsch
14 Jun '12 Betting on More QE Gary Dorsch
21 May '12 None So Blind Gary Dorsch
12 Apr '12 The Fed, the Stock Market, and Obama's Re-election Campaign Gary Dorsch
28 Feb '12 Oil Price Bubbles Starting to Show Gary Dorsch
07 Feb '12 Obama Set for Re-election, Courtesy of the Fed Gary Dorsch
05 Jan '12 Another Gold Price Rollercoaster? Gary Dorsch
05 Dec '11 More Euro Disappointment Ahead? Gary Dorsch
13 Oct '11 Explaining the Drop in the Copper Price Gary Dorsch
01 Sep '11 Do You Trust Government Statistics? Gary Dorsch
27 Aug '11 Global Money-Printing Update Gary Dorsch
26 Aug '11 Gold Investing: East vs. West Gary Dorsch
19 Jul '11 Gold Prices Fuelled by Negative Real Interest Rates, Debt Gary Dorsch
13 May '11 Slaying the Commodities Bull Gary Dorsch
03 May '11 Herd Instincts and Mass Psychology Gary Dorsch
13 Mar '11 Reaping the QE-2 Whirlwind Gary Dorsch
06 Jan '11 Commodity "Super Cycle" Rips into China Gary Dorsch
22 Nov '10 Gold & Chinese Inflation Gary Dorsch
23 Oct '10 Who Will Defend the US Dollar? Gary Dorsch
13 Oct '10 The Fed, Yuan & Gold's New Surge Gary Dorsch
30 Sep '10 Mine's Bigger Than Yours Gary Dorsch
14 Sep '10 Debt Up $1 Trillion, Gold Up $140 Gary Dorsch
26 Aug '10 Gold vs. the Bank of England Gary Dorsch
17 Aug '10 Gold Price Defies Deflation Scare Gary Dorsch
21 Jul '10 The King & His "Beauties" Gary Dorsch
18 Jun '10 Copper, Gold & the Eurozone Crisis Gary Dorsch
04 Jun '10 Eurozone Debt, CDS and Gold Gary Dorsch
14 May '10 Eurozone Crisis Ignites Gold Gary Dorsch
28 Apr '10 Once More, With Ouzo Gary Dorsch
16 Apr '10 Stocks, the Economy & Gold Gary Dorsch
06 Apr '10 Asset Targeting Reaps the Whirlwind Gary Dorsch
30 Mar '10 Buying China with Gold Gary Dorsch
15 Mar '10 Gold & the Dow's "Optical Illusion" Gary Dorsch
02 Mar '10 Gold vs. Gilts Gary Dorsch
19 Feb '10 New "Carry Trade" in Euros & Gold Gary Dorsch
09 Feb '10 China, Greece & Gold Gary Dorsch
26 Jan '10 What Chinese Policy Means for Gold Gary Dorsch
11 Jan '10 China & the V-Shaped Recovery Gary Dorsch

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