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GARY DORSCH is editor of the Global Money Trends newsletter. He worked as chief financial futures analyst for three clearing firms on the trading floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange before moving to the US and foreign equities trading desk of Charles Schwab and Co.

There he traded across 45 different exchanges, including Australia, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, the Eurozone, London, Toronto, South Africa, Mexico and New Zealand. With extensive experience of forex, US high grade and corporate junk bonds, foreign government bonds, gold stocks, ADRs, a wide range of US equities and options as well as Canadian oil trusts, he wrote from 2000 to Sept. '05 a weekly newsletter, Foreign Currency Trends, for Charles Schwab's Global Investment department.

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31 Aug '18 Bond Bears Get Mauled Gary Dorsch
06 Jul '18 China: Deja Red-Chip Gary Dorsch
30 May '18 Turkey Flirts with Dictatorship Gary Dorsch
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16 Mar '18 US Deficits Worse, Interest Costs Up 10% Gary Dorsch
27 Feb '18 Buy-Back Rebound Gary Dorsch
30 Jan '18 Trump's Big Win: A Strong Euro Gary Dorsch
03 Jan '18 How Trump's Tax-Cut Kills Bonds Gary Dorsch
14 Nov '17 When in Tokyo... Gary Dorsch
10 Oct '17 Buy the Dip? What Dip? Gary Dorsch
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05 Jul '17 Draghi Spurs Euro-bond Tantrum Gary Dorsch
08 Jun '17 Opec vs. Shale: Not So Relaxed Now Gary Dorsch
26 May '17 Bargain Hunting in Brazil? Gary Dorsch
15 May '17 Trump, QT and Beijing's ¥7 Red Line Gary Dorsch
09 Apr '17 Will the Fed Tighten Too Much? Gary Dorsch
30 Mar '17 Trump Bump Falls Flat Gary Dorsch
23 Feb '17 How to Bet Against France Gary Dorsch
03 Feb '17 Trump's Tech Shock Hits India Gary Dorsch
20 Jan '17 Tweeter-in-Chief, Destroyer of Stocks Gary Dorsch
12 Jan '17 Bitcoin Hits China's Capital Outflows Gary Dorsch
04 Jan '17 Oil Bust to Oil Boom Gary Dorsch
28 Dec '16 Inflation 2017: China Needs to Raise Rates Gary Dorsch
29 Nov '16 Italy Votes, Bank Stocks Threatened Gary Dorsch
18 Oct '16 Trump's Peso Reversal Gary Dorsch
19 Sep '16 What Clinton Means to the Fed Gary Dorsch
11 Aug '16 JGB Sell-Off Caps Gold Rally Gary Dorsch
26 Jul '16 6 Times Richer Than Average Gary Dorsch
12 Jul '16 Technicals, Fundamentals & Negative Rates Gary Dorsch
16 Jun '16 Stocks Do NOT Reflect Economics Gary Dorsch
06 Jun '16 Trump Goes for Mexico's Jugular Gary Dorsch
24 May '16 Price First, Then Fundamentals Gary Dorsch
12 May '16 Japan Can't Even Devalue Its Yen Gary Dorsch
19 Apr '16 Read My Lips: No Fed Rate Hike Gary Dorsch
08 Apr '16 Copper Mountain, Shrinking Growth Gary Dorsch
05 Feb '16 Beijing's Short Squeeze on Yuan Bears Gary Dorsch
23 Jul '15 Key Lesson from US Fed's Last Rate Hikes Gary Dorsch
02 Apr '15 Chased Out of Casinos, China's Gamblers Move to Stocks Gary Dorsch
04 Feb '15 Russia's FX War with Europe Gary Dorsch
02 Feb '15 Europe's Q€ Currency War Gary Dorsch
29 Oct '14 Now, About That October 2014 S&P Crash Gary Dorsch
18 Sep '14 All Hail the US "Petro-Dollar" Gary Dorsch
20 Jul '14 What's the True Rate of Inflation? Gary Dorsch
11 Jun '14 "Least Loved" Bull Hits Euphoria Gary Dorsch
23 Mar '14 Cold War Lite for the Rouble Gary Dorsch
10 Feb '14 Code Word "Volatility" Gary Dorsch
13 Jan '14 Return of the Yen Carry Trade Gary Dorsch
10 Dec '13 Ageing Bull Gary Dorsch

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