Gold News
10 Aug '15 India's Richest Temple Backs Gold 'Monetization' Scheme Goldbug
31 Jul '15 India 'Reclaims' No.1 Gold Demand from China Goldbug
30 Jun '15 Gold Mining Costs Fall as Exploration Spending Sinks Goldbug
12 May '15 Silver Mining at Record, But Thrifting Hits Scrap Supply Adrian Ash
10 Apr '15 Gold Mining Growth 'Ends in 2015', Industry 'Precarious' Goldbug
23 Mar '15 India's Gold Policy 'Making Smuggling Worse' Says Minister Goldbug
19 Mar '15 Last Ever London PM Gold Fix Set at $1166 Goldbug
12 Feb '15 Gold Jewelry Demand 'Recovering' as Scrap Sales Slide Goldbug
12 Feb '15 Gold Mining 'Peaks, Will Plateau in 2015' on Low Margins, Spending Goldbug
11 Feb '15 China's Silver Demand 'Peaked 2013, Not 2010' Goldbug
30 Jan '15 Silver Price to Drop for Record 4th Year, Gold Steady Says LBMA 2015 Forecast Goldbug
28 Jan '15 Gold Manipulation? 'No Sign, Case Closed,' Says Germany's BaFin Goldbug
23 Jan '15 2015 Gold Price Forecasts All "Flat" or "Falling" Goldbug
09 Jan '15 Record Silver Investing, Record Mine Output in 2014 Goldbug
08 Jan '15 India Rejects Gold Import Controls, Urges Bank Savings Instead Goldbug
17 Dec '14 Gold Miners 'Don't Think Price Will Fall', Hedging 'Still Isolated' Goldbug
15 Dec '14 Johnson Matthey Exits Gold & Silver Refining After 160 Years Goldbug
10 Dec '14 Industrial Silver Demand "Slowing" But "Positive News" for 2015 Goldbug
04 Dec '14 Gold Tax Rate "Deterring Investor Sales" in France Goldbug
27 Nov '14 London Gold 'Tightens Significantly' on Outflow to Asia, Miner Hedging, Russia Sanctions Adrian Ash
21 Nov '14 Record Silver Mining Output 'Negated' by 2014 Drop in Scrap Goldbug
19 Nov '14 India Gold Imports Double on Diwali to "2013 Crash" High Goldbug
24 Oct '14 Silver Buyers "Not Investing, But Stacking" Goldbug
09 Oct '14 Central Banks "Face a Mess" Buying Gold, Platinum & Palladium Goldbug
07 Oct '14 Gold Mining Costs "Led by Prices", Not the Reverse Goldbug

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