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Why are Gold bars for investment softer and more delicate than gold jewelry...?

for their Gold jewelry properly, asks R.S.Madhurima for Commodity Online...

   Although Gold is almost impervious to all corrosion and virtually impossible to destroy, it is the softest of the precious metals. The greater the purity of gold, the softer it is. Hence a little care can go a long way in helping to retain its good looks and luster for generation after generation.

Gold, although rare and difficult to obtain can be easily "worked". So easily, in fact, that just one ounce of gold can be beaten out to cover a surface area of over 27 square meters!

For gold jewelry – unlike for investment Gold, which must be 99.5% or better in Europe, and even 99.99% in Japan's Tocom market – pure gold is alloyed with silver, copper and various to make it suitably hard for jewelery production. The percentage of pure gold is denoted by its carat (k) weight.

Gold Jewelry Purity

Pure gold is 24k (i.e. 99.99% pure gold or better); the other common alloy carat weights are 22k, 18k, 14k, 10k and 9k. Nine carat gold is the hardest alloy in common use.

In addition to yellow gold, white gold and rose gold are also popular options. You can also find many two-tone styles, if you prefer a mix of colors.

But whatever color or weight your gold, it is not advisable to wear gold jewelry 24/7 throughout the year. Because it will make them more likely to get damaged over time.

Gold Jewelry Storage

   Store gold jewelry in a velvet-lined jewelry box or case that contains compartments for each item or better wrap each piece in tissue paper and keep them in small bags or pouches.

Do not mix diamond and gold jewelry together, because diamond being a hard stone can scratch your gold easily.

Make sure your jewelry is dry when you put it away, because moisture can cause springs and clasps to weaken over time. Ideally, keep your gold jewelry in the box with which it was supplied.

Gold Jewelry on the Beach

   Gold is softer than sand, and so sand will scratch your jewelry. Don't wear it on the beach.

   Remove your gold jewelry when swimming in pools, too. Because chlorine might affect its luster. That's why you should avoid wearing your gold jewelry whenever you're working with any chemicals.

Gold Jewelry Cleaning

   While investment-grade Gold bars require little care once they're stored and insured security, gold jewelry does need regular attention.

   You can clean gold jewelry with a soft toothbrush and some soapy water (dishwashing liquid works fine for this).

   The liquid used for cleaning should be detergent free. Dip the toothbrush in the water and use it to get into all of the crevices.

   Rinse the piece in warm water until the water runs clear. Buff your piece dry with a soft, lint-free cloth to make it shine.

   If you prefer, you can also use a non-abrasive jewelry cleaner that you can buy from retailers. If your gold jewelry contains gemstones, check to make sure that the cleaner is safe to use with them.

   For deep cleaning of gold jewelry, it can be immersed in a very weak solution of sodium bicarbonate (just a pinch!) and boiling water for a few seconds. Carefully dry the jewelry immediately with a soft cotton cloth. Do not use this method if your jewelry contains gemstones.

White Gold Jewelry

   White Gold was originally developed in the 1920s as an alternative to platinum. It's not actually another type of gold, but simply "yellow gold" that's mixed as a alloy.

   So there's no such thing as "pure" white gold or 24k white gold. It's simply an alloy in which the choice of alloyed metals has been made to achieve a white or platinum-like color.

   Most white gold jewelry has a thin coating of rhodium to enhance its "whiteness" and reflective properties. Rhodium belongs to the platinum family of metals and serves as a good protective coating.

   But rhodium coating will wear through with time, which will expose the gold alloy underneath. As the white gold alloy will be of a darker, less bright color, that wear will be noticeable.

   Rhodium coating can be reapplied. It is a simple matter for which most jewelers make a small charge.

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