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Monthly archive, September 2008

30 Sep '08 Hot News from the Future Doug Casey
30 Sep '08 LBMA chief: Gold prices 'to remain high' Goldbug
30 Sep '08 GFMS head expects surging demand for gold investment Goldbug
29 Sep '08 In the Absence of Glass Steagall William Rees-Mogg
29 Sep '08 This Horrible Mess Doug Casey
28 Sep '08 Gold buying is popular as it will 'never go to zero' Goldbug
28 Sep '08 Dangerous Markets Adrian Ash
27 Sep '08 Gold price could be boosted as Zimbabwe output plunges Goldbug
27 Sep '08 Production affected at South African gold mines as deaths increase Goldbug
25 Sep '08 Gold prices set to rise as dollar will be 'crushed' by bailout Goldbug
25 Sep '08 World Gold Council says gold is 'not a volatile asset' Goldbug
25 Sep '08 Barrick predicts surge of buying gold if bailout is approved Goldbug
25 Sep '08 Gold vs. the Dollar Julian D.W. Phillips
25 Sep '08 Dry Rot Adrian Ash
25 Sep '08 Gold buying season 'is well underway' Goldbug
24 Sep '08 Things Look Bad; Do Something! Randolph Buss
24 Sep '08 Gold price 'can remain above $1,000 per ounce' Goldbug
24 Sep '08 UBS raises its gold price forecast Goldbug
23 Sep '08 All Up, No Down Eric Fry
23 Sep '08 Inflation & Porn Dan Denning
23 Sep '08 Gold investment may increase as Zimbabwe mines teeter on brink Goldbug
23 Sep '08 Twenty-five per cent net worth of portfolios 'must be gold investment' Goldbug
22 Sep '08 What's Driving Gold? Hard Assets Investor
22 Sep '08 Blood in the Streets William Rees-Mogg
22 Sep '08 Gold with Three Zeroes The Gold Report

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