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Founded in 1999 as part of the Johannesburg-listed MoneyWeb media group, Mineweb is one of the world's leading sources of mining and metals-investment news, comment and analysis. Managed since 2003 by professional mining engineer Lawrence Williams – formerly of Mining Journal, and with more than 30 years' technical and financial experience in the sector – MineWeb provides thorough, international coverage of the natural resources industry.

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03 Apr '12 Big Drop in Indian Silver and Gold Bullion Imports MineWeb
29 Mar '12 India to Review Gold Tax MineWeb
26 Mar '12 India Cuts Import Tariff Gold Price MineWeb
22 Mar '12 Indian Gold Dealers Seek to Get Round Duty Hike MineWeb
20 Mar '12 GFMS Gives Gold Price Outlook MineWeb
19 Mar '12 Indian Gold Dealers Go On Strike MineWeb
16 Mar '12 Gold Investment: What Changed in the Last 3 Weeks? MineWeb
15 Mar '12 China Still Gold Mining King MineWeb
13 Mar '12 Gold Mining Plummet Continues in South Africa MineWeb
02 Mar '12 Indian Buyers Choosing Silver MineWeb
21 Feb '12 Indian Policy Advisors Discourage Buying Gold MineWeb
16 Feb '12 Gold Coins Discount for India Rail Employees MineWeb
09 Feb '12 Gold Mining Industry Needs $1650 Gold to Cover Costs MineWeb
08 Feb '12 Gold Prices "Being Driven by Investment" MineWeb
06 Feb '12 Indian Investors Keen to Buy Gold and Silver MineWeb
23 Jan '12 Buying Gold for Indian Weddings MineWeb
17 Jan '12 Is the Gold Bull Market Coming to an End? MineWeb
11 Jan '12 More Banks Allowed to Import Gold Bullion to India MineWeb
16 Dec '11 Gold Price Fall Sets Up Bulls vs Bears Contest MineWeb
13 Dec '11 China Gold Imports Hit New Record MineWeb
12 Dec '11 Gold Bar Sales Strong in India MineWeb
07 Dec '11 Strong Year for Gold in China MineWeb
29 Nov '11 Silver Bullion Imports to India Expected to Fall MineWeb
23 Nov '11 Gold Price May Benefit from Crisis Solution MineWeb
21 Nov '11 India Advised to Add to Official Gold Holdings MineWeb
17 Nov '11 Eurozone Splits Getting Wider MineWeb
14 Nov '11 Is the Gold Price Acting as a Currency? MineWeb
09 Nov '11 Gold Prices "Could Hit $2300 on Safe Haven Demand" MineWeb
07 Nov '11 Gold Prices Benefit from Lack of Eurozone Solution MineWeb
04 Nov '11 Gold Prices: Too Volatile for a "Safe Haven"? MineWeb
27 Oct '11 Gold Coins Popular in Diwali Week MineWeb
19 Oct '11 Gold and the Eurozone Crisis MineWeb
19 Oct '11 Hong Kong's Yuan Gold Push MineWeb
18 Oct '11 Central Bank Gold Reserves Broadly Unchanged MineWeb
17 Oct '11 Drop in Gold Prices Good News for Diwali Buyers MineWeb
14 Oct '11 Silver Prices Could Benefit from Gold-Silver Ratio MineWeb
13 Oct '11 Prepare for a Massive Monetization of Debt MineWeb
19 Sep '11 Gold ETFs Popular in India MineWeb
12 Sep '11 Indian Silver Demand Strong among Expats MineWeb
09 Sep '11 Bad Economic News Supporting Silver and Gold Prices MineWeb
07 Sep '11 Indian Gold Mining Reserves Underexploited MineWeb
02 Sep '11 Indian Worshippers Go Berserk Buying Gold MineWeb
01 Sep '11 Gold Prices "Could Benefit from Central Bank Liquidity" MineWeb
30 Aug '11 Indian Gold Dealers Resort to Selling Gold Leaf MineWeb
19 Aug '11 How the Gold Market is Changing MineWeb
17 Aug '11 Silver Prices Could Benefit from Indian Demand MineWeb
12 Aug '11 India Seeks to Boost Gold Mining Exploration MineWeb
10 Aug '11 Gold Price Puts Off Buyers in India MineWeb
04 Aug '11 Indian Investors Continue to Buy Gold MineWeb
02 Aug '11 Branded Gold Jewelry: The Next Big Thing in India? MineWeb

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