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16 Feb '12 Turkey World's Largest Producer of Gold Coins Goldbug
09 Feb '12 Iran Buying Wheat with Gold Bullion Goldbug
09 Feb '12 New Tax Could Threaten Gold Mining in Tanzania Goldbug
07 Feb '12 China's Gold Imports from Hong Kong Triple in 2011 Goldbug
03 Feb '12 "Don't Sell Gold Bars" Says Texas Fund Director Goldbug
02 Feb '12 Vietnam's Central Bank Looks to 'Mobilize' Citizens' Gold Bullion Goldbug
01 Feb '12 Uprising Sees Syrians Buying Gold Goldbug
26 Jan '12 Gold Investment "Gave Safest Return Over Last 5 Years" Goldbug
25 Jan '12 Gartman Now "Neutral" on Buying Gold Goldbug
24 Jan '12 Gold Dealing Sanctions Hit Iran Goldbug
24 Jan '12 Gold Price Volatility "More Stable than Stocks'" During 2011 Market Crises Goldbug
20 Jan '12 Gold Bullion Duty Raised in India, Refiners Gain Edge Goldbug
18 Jan '12 Central Banks Buying Gold "To Diversify from Fiat Currency" Goldbug
18 Jan '12 Higher Gold Prices Fail to Boost Scrap Supply Goldbug
18 Jan '12 Gold Mining Supply Hit Record High in 2011 Goldbug
17 Jan '12 Gold Investment Environment "To Remain Supportive in 2012" Goldbug
12 Jan '12 "New Bretton Woods" Should Fix Currencies to Gold Bullion Goldbug
11 Jan '12 Buying Gold Number 1 Investment Choice for 2012: Nomura Poll Goldbug
06 Jan '12 LBMA Gold Price Winner Forecasts $2000 Gold Goldbug
05 Jan '12 China's Banks "On the Bid" to Buy Gold Goldbug
05 Jan '12 Iranians Buying Gold as "Safer Haven" Sanctions Hedge Goldbug
04 Jan '12 Strong Start to 2012 for US Sales of Gold Investment Coins Goldbug
06 Dec '11 Gold Coins Offer to Buyers of Japan Reconstruction Bonds Goldbug
06 Dec '11 New Study: "No Substitute" for Gold Investment in Eurozone Portfolios Goldbug
29 Nov '11 Vietnamese May Be Asked to Swap Gold Bullion for Certificates Goldbug
24 Nov '11 India Gold Imports "Could Hit 1000 Tonnes" Despite Record Gold Prices Goldbug
23 Nov '11 Will Italy Have to Use Its Gold Bullion? Goldbug
21 Nov '11 Iranians Told Not to Buy Gold, Dollars Goldbug
18 Nov '11 Which Central Banks Are Buying Gold? Goldbug
17 Nov '11 $50 Silver Bullion Predicted for 2012 Goldbug
17 Nov '11 German Gold Investment up 146% in Q3 Goldbug
15 Nov '11 Rupee Gold Price Hits All-Time High Goldbug
14 Nov '11 Gold Prices Forecast Raised by Goldman Sachs Goldbug
10 Nov '11 Silver Bullion Investment "Dominated by Germany and US" Goldbug
10 Nov '11 Gold Price "Will Reach $2400" says Jim Rogers Goldbug
08 Nov '11 China "Should Buy Gold to Hedge Against Debt Crises" Goldbug
08 Nov '11 Chinese Buying Gold Push Gold Imports to Record High Goldbug
02 Nov '11 Investors Buying Gold "Will Say it was Cheap in 5 Years" Goldbug
01 Nov '11 Gold Investing "Like a Dangerous Ponzi Scheme" Goldbug
31 Oct '11 "Allocate 25% to Gold Bullion", says Faber Goldbug
28 Oct '11 Chinese "Still Bullish" on Buying Gold Goldbug
27 Oct '11 Gold Investment "Helps Diversify a Portfolio" Goldbug
25 Oct '11 Indians "Choosing Gold Coins over Jewelry" Goldbug
24 Oct '11 Gold Price Forecasts Raised by Citigroup Goldbug
21 Oct '11 Indian Dealers Step Up Buying Gold Ahead of Diwali Goldbug
20 Oct '11 China's Largest Gold Miner to Borrow Gold Bullion Goldbug
14 Oct '11 Asian Physical Market "Still Keen to Buy Gold" Goldbug
06 Oct '11 Gold Price "Will Push Higher in 2012" says report Goldbug
05 Oct '11 US Mint Sells Fewer Gold Coins in September Goldbug
16 Sep '11 Economic Conditions to "Stay Positive for Gold Investment" Goldbug

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