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24 Apr '13 Analysts Cut Gold Price Forecasts After Crash Goldbug
24 Apr '13 Gold Bar Prices Jump in Asia Goldbug
22 Apr '13 Gold Bull Market “Clearly Over” Says Top Analyst Goldbug
19 Apr '13 Gold Crash Prompts Surge in Physical Buying Goldbug
10 Apr '13 Goldman Sachs Says "Sell Gold Short" Goldbug
04 Apr '13 GFMS: Gold Price "Should Move Back Above $1800 This Year" But Bear Market "Could Start in 2014" Goldbug
28 Mar '13 Gold Price "Driven by Chinese Pork" Goldbug
27 Mar '13 Gold Price "Could Fall this Year for First Time Since 2001" Goldbug
26 Mar '13 Gold Mining Finds & Ore Grades Down, Cash Costs Hit Record Goldbug
26 Mar '13 Italy Poll Says "Don't Sell, Borrow Against Gold Reserves" Goldbug
21 Mar '13 Swiss Campaign Forces Referendum on Central Bank Gold Bullion Goldbug
21 Mar '13 Gold Price Drop Hits Indian Gold Lender Goldbug
19 Mar '13 Russia's #2 Bank Uses Gold Bullion to Raise Central-Bank Loan Goldbug
14 Mar '13 Central Banks "Optimal Strategy" Is to Buy Gold Goldbug
12 Mar '13 "Short Covering" Pushes Gold Price Higher Goldbug
11 Mar '13 Thousands Protest Greek Gold Mining Project Goldbug
08 Mar '13 China's Gold Bullion Imports Fall to 3-Month Low Goldbug
07 Mar '13 Investors "Should Buy Gold, Corporate Bonds", Stock Rally "Mainly Down to Fed" Goldbug
05 Mar '13 Bullish Gold Analyst Cuts 2014 Price Forecast Goldbug
01 Mar '13 US Mint Gold Coin Sales Up 283% Annually Goldbug
28 Feb '13 London Gold Dealing Volumes Drop at Start of 2013 Goldbug
26 Feb '13 Bearish Futures Sentiment "A Contrarian Sign to Buy Gold" Goldbug
25 Feb '13 Jump in Bearish Gold Futures to Blame for Price Drop, Say Analysts Goldbug
22 Feb '13 India Blocks Thai Gold Jewelry as Dealers Sidestep Import Duty Goldbug
22 Feb '13 Gold Investing "Likely to Return", Push to $2000 Says Commerzbank Goldbug
21 Feb '13 Gold Price Drop "Suggests Fed Could Cut QE" Goldbug
15 Feb '13 India's Gold ETFs Given All-Clear on Using Bank-Deposit Gold Goldbug
14 Feb '13 Central Banks' Gold Buying Hits 5-Decade Record Goldbug
11 Feb '13 Inflation Fears "Will Strengthen" Demand to Buy Gold in 2013 Goldbug
11 Feb '13 Russia "World's Biggest Gold Buyer" Goldbug
08 Feb '13 Turkey "Not Bound" by US Over Gold Trading with Iran Goldbug
05 Feb '13 India "Anti-Gold" Policy Sees Smuggling Return, Says Expert Goldbug
05 Feb '13 China's Gold Bullion Imports Jump 94% to New Record Goldbug
01 Feb '13 Gold Price Forecast Cut by Another Bank Goldbug
31 Jan '13 Dubai Dealers Shun Turkish Gold Bars, Fear Iran Sanctions Link Goldbug
30 Jan '13 London Gold Dealing Up on Year-End Price Drop Goldbug
29 Jan '13 Backdrop for Gold Investing "Couldn't Be More Bullish" Goldbug
28 Jan '13 Vietnam Struggles to "Control" Gold Market Speculation Goldbug
27 Jan '13 China "Clearly" Now World #1 for Gold Buying Goldbug
24 Jan '13 Swiss Gold Bullion Repatriation Campaign Nears Signatures Target Goldbug
23 Jan '13 Japan Still Selling, Not Buying Gold Goldbug
22 Jan '13 Faber to Shiller: You Keep Dollars, I'll Buy Gold Goldbug
22 Jan '13 India Attacks Gold Imports, "Risks Smuggling" as Refiners' Edge Cut Goldbug
18 Jan '13 India Gold Imports "Could Fall 25%" on Duty Hike Goldbug
16 Jan '13 GFMS: "Investment Demand Could Help Push Gold Price to New Record" Goldbug
16 Jan '13 Germany's Gold 2020: Focus on "Confidence" & Liquidity Goldbug
11 Jan '13 "Gold Price Will Benefit" as Renminbi Joins Dollar & Euro as Reserve Asset Goldbug
10 Jan '13 SocGen: China Hard Landing "Could Push Gold Price Lower" Goldbug
09 Jan '13 Marc Faber: Gold Insurance "Could Drop Another 10%" Goldbug
13 Dec '12 3 Reasons Physical Gold Buying Looks Strong Goldbug

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