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GARY DORSCH is editor of the Global Money Trends newsletter. He worked as chief financial futures analyst for three clearing firms on the trading floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange before moving to the US and foreign equities trading desk of Charles Schwab and Co.

There he traded across 45 different exchanges, including Australia, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, the Eurozone, London, Toronto, South Africa, Mexico and New Zealand. With extensive experience of forex, US high grade and corporate junk bonds, foreign government bonds, gold stocks, ADRs, a wide range of US equities and options as well as Canadian oil trusts, he wrote from 2000 to Sept. '05 a weekly newsletter, Foreign Currency Trends, for Charles Schwab's Global Investment department.

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17 Dec '09 Five Minutes to Midnight Gary Dorsch
09 Dec '09 Gold Standard Returns Gary Dorsch
26 Nov '09 Dollar Down, Gold Up Everywhere Gary Dorsch
24 Nov '09 Gold in Swiss Francs Gary Dorsch
30 Oct '09 Gold & Ultra Easy Money Gary Dorsch
30 Oct '09 Sterling's Q.E. Overdose Gary Dorsch
15 Sep '09 Gold Rising on G20 Inflation Gary Dorsch
18 Aug '09 Loonies vs. Gold Gary Dorsch
10 Aug '09 China's Gold Dominance Gary Dorsch
08 Jul '09 The Gravity-Defying Dollar Gary Dorsch
12 Jun '09 The Parabolic Yield Curve Gary Dorsch
21 May '09 What Treasury Bonds Say About Gold Gary Dorsch
06 May '09 Gold Whipsawed by Eurozone Deflation Gary Dorsch
20 Apr '09 China & the Fed: Blowing Bubbles Gary Dorsch
26 Mar '09 Japan Inflates, Gold Jumps Gary Dorsch
24 Mar '09 Gold vs. Mervyn King's "Queasing" Gary Dorsch
13 Mar '09 Dollar Strength, Risk Aversion Gary Dorsch
06 Mar '09 Can China Rescue the World? Gary Dorsch
05 Mar '09 Euro Collapse, Gold Surge Gary Dorsch
18 Feb '09 Euro Fractures, Gold Leaps Gary Dorsch
06 Feb '09 Gold: Depression Safe Haven Gary Dorsch
22 Jan '09 UK Gold, UK Banks Gary Dorsch
14 Jan '09 UK Gold & Quantitative Easing Gary Dorsch
18 Dec '08 Gold: the Antidote for Quantitative Easing Gary Dorsch
09 Dec '08 Volcker vs. Bernanke Gary Dorsch
04 Dec '08 Gold & the Bank of England Panic Gary Dorsch
19 Nov '08 Gold, Deflation, Depression & Japan Gary Dorsch
10 Nov '08 October Crash, 2008 Gary Dorsch
16 Oct '08 Yen Carry Trade Unwinds Gary Dorsch
11 Sep '08 "Maverick" McCain's Almighty Dollar Gary Dorsch
28 Aug '08 G-6 Topples the Gold Market Gary Dorsch
19 Aug '08 Fed Rates vs. Gold & the Euro Gary Dorsch
18 Aug '08 Demand Destruction & Central Bankers Gary Dorsch
10 Jul '08 Stagflation & Gold Gary Dorsch
26 Jun '08 Stag, Hyper & Gold Price Inflation Gary Dorsch
26 Jun '08 Gold vs. the ECB Gary Dorsch
16 Jun '08 Europe's Anchor-Shaped Bombshell Gary Dorsch
13 Jun '08 Bernanke's Bluff Gary Dorsch
29 May '08 Oil Bubble? Gary Dorsch
16 May '08 CPI vs. Reality Gary Dorsch
23 Apr '08 Oil Vigilantes vs. the Big Three Gary Dorsch
04 Apr '08 April Fools Day for Gold Gary Dorsch
10 Mar '08 Global Commodity Bubble? Gary Dorsch
18 Feb '08 Central Banks Stoking Inflation Gary Dorsch
01 Feb '08 Gold vs. the Plunge Protection Team Gary Dorsch
21 Jan '08 Gold vs. Dollars: A Crisis in Fiat Currency Gary Dorsch
05 Jan '08 Gold & the Commodity Super Cycle Gary Dorsch
29 Nov '07 A Fist Against the Dollar Gary Dorsch
15 Nov '07 Global 'Oil Shock' Whacks Equities Gary Dorsch
31 Oct '07 The Big Lie & Gold Gary Dorsch

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