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Adrian Ash is director of research at BullionVault, the physical gold and silver market for private investors online. Formerly head of editorial at London's top publisher of private-investment advice, he was City correspondent for The Daily Reckoning from 2003 to 2008, and is now a regular contributor to many leading analysis sites including Forbes and a regular guest on BBC national and international radio and television news. Adrian's views on the gold market have been sought by the Financial Times and Economist magazine in London; CNBC, Bloomberg and in New York; Germany's Der Stern; Italy's Il Sole 24 Ore, and many other respected finance publications.

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15 May '08 Holiday Home USA Adrian Ash
09 May '08 A Valuable Backstop for Wealthy Investors Adrian Ash
08 May '08 Consumer Shutdown Adrian Ash
05 May '08 Greenspan's Conundrum Turns Nasty Adrian Ash
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30 Apr '08 Crisis Over; Next Crisis Please Adrian Ash
28 Apr '08 Weapons of Mass Inflation Adrian Ash
25 Apr '08 Foie Gras Finance Adrian Ash
24 Apr '08 Zen & the Art of Monetary Mayhem Adrian Ash
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15 Apr '08 Gold, Risk & the Real Price of Money Adrian Ash
14 Apr '08 A Short Back & Sides for Sterling Adrian Ash
10 Apr '08 Reverse Plaza, 2008 Adrian Ash
08 Apr '08 Cui Bono? Adrian Ash
02 Apr '08 A New Floor in the Gold Price? Adrian Ash
29 Mar '08 Game for a Laugh? Adrian Ash
26 Mar '08 Think $1,000 Gold Means Something? Adrian Ash
21 Mar '08 Filthy Lucre & Maundy Money Adrian Ash
19 Mar '08 On Walton Mountain Adrian Ash
19 Mar '08 Digging for Gold on the Stock Market Adrian Ash
14 Mar '08 Beaten Down Bargains Adrian Ash
13 Mar '08 The Truth About $1,000 Gold Adrian Ash
13 Mar '08 The Real Cost of Saving the Banks Adrian Ash
10 Mar '08 Gold Shakes Its Gory Locks Adrian Ash
05 Mar '08 Gold: Volatility & New Record Highs Adrian Ash
04 Mar '08 Chocolate Bunnies Adrian Ash
01 Mar '08 Two Days in September Adrian Ash
22 Feb '08 What the Fed Did for Gold Adrian Ash
21 Feb '08 Gold vs. the Narodny Rock Adrian Ash
13 Feb '08 Another Package Or Two? Adrian Ash
11 Feb '08 IMF Gold Sales: Does It Matter? Adrian Ash
09 Feb '08 Inflation: Killed by Recession? Adrian Ash
05 Feb '08 Targeting (House-Price) Inflation Adrian Ash
04 Feb '08 From Credit to Money, Part II Adrian Ash
29 Jan '08 Regulator Wanted! No Experience Required Adrian Ash
26 Jan '08 From Credit to Money, Part I Adrian Ash
24 Jan '08 Gold & the Fed's Crystal-Meth Fix Adrian Ash
18 Jan '08 Oh, Poor Me! Adrian Ash
16 Jan '08 So What Happened to Gold? Adrian Ash
11 Jan '08 Taking Profits in Gold Adrian Ash
09 Jan '08 Parlez-Vous Central Banking? Adrian Ash
03 Jan '08 2008: Dollar to Bounce, Gold to Surprise? Adrian Ash
20 Dec '07 How to Make an Income from Gold Adrian Ash
15 Dec '07 Britney, Lindsay & Gold Adrian Ash
10 Dec '07 The War Between Debt & Recession Adrian Ash
06 Dec '07 Gold: Timing Your Investment Adrian Ash
05 Dec '07 Hope When? Hope Now Adrian Ash
03 Dec '07 Gold's Big Fat Drunken Night Out Adrian Ash
29 Nov '07 A Flood of Liquidity & the Surge in Inflation Adrian Ash
25 Nov '07 Goldfinger? Bofinger! Adrian Ash

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