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24 Oct '11 Gold Price Forecasts Raised by Citigroup Goldbug
21 Oct '11 Indian Dealers Step Up Buying Gold Ahead of Diwali Goldbug
20 Oct '11 China's Largest Gold Miner to Borrow Gold Bullion Goldbug
14 Oct '11 Asian Physical Market "Still Keen to Buy Gold" Goldbug
06 Oct '11 Gold Price "Will Push Higher in 2012" says report Goldbug
05 Oct '11 US Mint Sells Fewer Gold Coins in September Goldbug
16 Sep '11 Economic Conditions to "Stay Positive for Gold Investment" Goldbug
14 Sep '11 Gold Price "Could Be Fair Value at $10,000" Goldbug
09 Sep '11 Gold Investment Demand Catching up to Jewelry in India Goldbug
31 Aug '11 Russia and Colombia Buy Gold, Mexico Sells Goldbug
30 Aug '11 Indian Festivals Expected to See Jump in Numbers Buying Gold Goldbug
25 Aug '11 Buying Gold "Outside the US" Urged for Diversification Goldbug
22 Aug '11 "Anticipation of Higher Gold Price" Dents Indian Sales Goldbug
18 Aug '11 Gold Bars and Coins Demand Soars in India Goldbug
17 Aug '11 Gold Price "Driven by Growing Global Liquidity" Goldbug
16 Aug '11 Dubai Gold Bullion Demand "Has Doubled in 6 Months" Goldbug
09 Aug '11 Vietnam Permits Gold Bullion Imports Goldbug
05 Aug '11 China Gold Bullion Output Rises Goldbug
01 Aug '11 Germans Buy Gold Despite Record Prices Goldbug
29 Jul '11 China Gold Bullion Demand "Could Overtake India by End of Year" Goldbug
27 Jul '11 Physical Gold Bullion Demand "Largely Absent" as Gold Hits New Record Goldbug
21 Jul '11 Gold Price Rises "Not Scaring Away" Buyers in India and China Goldbug
13 Jul '11 Gold Bullion "the #1 Asset" for Eurozone Defaults Goldbug
04 Jul '11 Gold Mining Flirts with "Zero Rate of Return" Goldbug
24 Jun '11 China Gold Investment Demand "Will Keep on Doubling" Goldbug
22 Jun '11 India Gold Bullion Sales Up 23% This Year Says UBS Goldbug
22 Jun '11 China Ramps Up Gold Coin Minting to Satisfy Demand Goldbug
18 Jun '11 Buying Gold “Like Betting at Casino with Odds in Your Favor” Goldbug
17 Jun '11 Gold Bar and Coin Market "3 Times Bigger Than ETFs" Goldbug
15 Jun '11 Gold Price "Could Hit $5000 By 2015" Goldbug
14 Jun '11 Gold Mining Reserves Could Run Out in 20 Years Goldbug
13 Jun '11 Emerging Market Central Banks Continue Buying Gold Goldbug
07 Jun '11 Eurozone "Lying" Means It's Time To Buy Gold Goldbug
07 Jun '11 Japan Pension Funds Buy Gold For Better Returns Goldbug
07 Jun '11 Gold Prices Justified By Fundamentals Says Queen's Bank Goldbug
27 May '11 China Gold Bullion & Silver Bullion Imports Set To Soar Goldbug
26 May '11 Chinese Demand to Buy Gold "Will Outstrip Supply" Goldbug
25 May '11 Gold Bullion Is "Trump Card Currency of Choice" Says Gartman Goldbug
23 May '11 Gold ETF Plans For Shanghai Gold Exchange Goldbug
19 May '11 Gold Investment Demand Surges in China Goldbug
19 May '11 Gold Futures Trading Begins On Hong Kong Exchange Goldbug
18 May '11 "Bond King" Pimco Buying Gold Goldbug
16 May '11 Gold Coins' Demand Jumps Worldwide as Price Falls Goldbug
11 May '11 "Bring Back Gold Standard" Says Jim Grant Goldbug
09 May '11 Gold Dealer Scam Warning Goldbug
06 May '11 Indian Demand "Overwhelming" on "Golden Day to Buy Gold" Goldbug
04 May '11 Mexico "Buying Gold to Escape Dollar" Goldbug
03 May '11 China "Should Be Buying Gold" Goldbug
29 Apr '11 China "Aims To Have More Gold Than America" Goldbug
28 Apr '11 Gold ETF Investment Falls Goldbug

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