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Monthly archive, December 2008

31 Dec '08 Investing in gold pays off over 2008 Goldbug
31 Dec '08 Dollar concerns could lead to more people buying gold Goldbug
31 Dec '08 Time to Ho-Ho-Hoard Gold? The Gold Report
30 Dec '08 Investors tipped to buy gold in 2009 Goldbug
30 Dec '08 Buying gold will be 'a better investment vehicle' in 2009 Goldbug
30 Dec '08 What Happened to Gold in 2008? Julian D.W. Phillips
29 Dec '08 Buying gold 'will stay a safe haven investment' Goldbug
29 Dec '08 Investing in gold is 'gaining favor' Goldbug
29 Dec '08 Dollar devaluation 'will boost gold bullion demand' Goldbug
29 Dec '08 Gold buying on the cards as prices tipped for increase Goldbug
29 Dec '08 Buckle Up! The Gold Report
23 Dec '08 Gold investment may rise as Scotiabank predicts 'big rebound' in oil prices Goldbug
23 Dec '08 Financial Sociopath Whiskey and Gun...
23 Dec '08 Silver, Gold & the Obama Rally of 2009 The Gold Report
22 Dec '08 Gold 'has held up better' than rival investments Goldbug
21 Dec '08 Gold as a Percentage of Paper Assets Adrian Ash
19 Dec '08 Gold prices to rise as dollar is 'due a correction' Goldbug
19 Dec '08 Major Swiss refiner 'cannot cope' with demand to buy gold Goldbug
19 Dec '08 Gold investment may rise as oil price 'has found a floor' Goldbug
19 Dec '08 Gold Price 2009 Adrian Ash
19 Dec '08 Battle of the 'Flations Doug Casey
18 Dec '08 Majority of industry figures bullish on gold prices in new poll Goldbug
18 Dec '08 Gold investment prudent 'due to dollar-euro relationship' Goldbug
18 Dec '08 Safe-haven gold flows continuing as 'the economy is weak' Goldbug
18 Dec '08 Gold: the Antidote for Quantitative Easing Gary Dorsch

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