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Editor of Gold News and presenter of BullionVault 's weekly gold market summary on YouTube from 2011 to 2013, Ben Traynor was formerly editor of the Fleet Street Letter, the UK's longest-running investment letter. A Cambridge economics graduate, he is a professional writer and editor with a specialist interest in monetary economics.

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10 May '13 Gold Investor Index Jumps to 16-Month High Ben Traynor
03 May '13 Hedge Funds Hate Gold Now Ben Traynor
30 Apr '13 Gold Market Speculation: Who, What and Why? Ben Traynor
04 Apr '13 Happy 80th Birthday to Gold Confiscation Ben Traynor
20 Mar '13 Why Savers Should Be Wary of 'Best Buy' Interest Rates Ben Traynor
21 Feb '13 Gold Prices Bounce Off 7-Month Low as Equities Join "Proper Sell-Off" on Fed Minutes Ben Traynor
08 Jan '13 Western Savers Hedging Anxiety with Gold Ben Traynor
07 Dec '12 Investing for 2013: Why Western Investors are Buying Gold Ben Traynor
06 Dec '12 Gold Investing: The End of the Gold Bull Market? Ben Traynor
04 Dec '12 Western Investors Quietly Building Gold Bullion Positions Ben Traynor
27 Nov '12 The Bank of England's New Hero Ben Traynor
21 Nov '12 The Debt Riddle Making Investors Worse Off Ben Traynor
19 Nov '12 Testing Continues by GoldNews, Early Signs Good Ben Traynor
09 Nov '12 Gold in a Crisis: How Can Gold Protect You? Ben Traynor
09 Nov '12 Gold Prices Gain, But What Has Really Changed? Ben Traynor
06 Nov '12 Gold Investor Sentiment Higher for 3rd Month in a Row Ben Traynor
02 Nov '12 Gold Price: 2 Bearish Milestones Passed Ben Traynor
19 Oct '12 Gold Price Falls Sharply, Europe Disappoints Ben Traynor
01 Oct '12 Massaging the Inflation Numbers Ben Traynor
21 Sep '12 Euro Gold Price Narrowly Misses Record Ben Traynor
14 Sep '12 Gold Prices Rally After Fed Launches QE3 Ben Traynor
14 Sep '12 QE3: This Time It's Permanent Ben Traynor
07 Sep '12 ECB and Nonfarms Spur Gold Prices to 6-Month Highs Ben Traynor
31 Aug '12 Gold Prices Gain as Markets "Quanticipate" Bernanke Ben Traynor
24 Aug '12 Gold Prices Break Out Ben Traynor
17 Aug '12 Gold Price Recovers with Euro Gains Ben Traynor
10 Aug '12 Gold Price Gains in Thin Trading Ben Traynor
03 Aug '12 Gold Price Dented by Disappointing Draghi Ben Traynor
27 Jul '12 Draghi Boosts Gold Prices Ben Traynor
20 Jul '12 Bernanke Points to Fiscal Cliff, Gold Price Doesn't Care Ben Traynor
13 Jul '12 Gold Prices Flat on Week Ben Traynor
06 Jul '12 Gold Prices End Week Down in Dollars, But Up in Euros Ben Traynor
29 Jun '12 Gold Price Holding Up in "Crisis Currencies" Ben Traynor
22 Jun '12 Gold Price Sees Biggest Fall Since March Ben Traynor
15 Jun '12 Gold Gains, Silver Flat as Central Bank Easing Talk Grows Ben Traynor
08 Jun '12 Gold Fails to Break Downtrend Ben Traynor
07 Jun '12 Bernanke Speaks, Gold Prices Fall... Ben Traynor
01 Jun '12 Gold Prices Surge Back Above $1600 Ben Traynor
18 May '12 Late Surge for Gold Prices Ben Traynor
11 May '12 Gold, Silver Hit 4-Month Lows as 'Fed Effect' Wears Off Ben Traynor
04 May '12 Gold and Silver Down on Week Ben Traynor
03 May '12 How Flat Are These Gold Prices? Ben Traynor
27 Apr '12 Gold Price Gains but Silver Falls as World Economies Show Signs of Slowdown Ben Traynor
26 Apr '12 What Britain's Recession Means for UK Gold Investors Ben Traynor
20 Apr '12 Thin Gold Trading Sees Sharp Moves Ben Traynor
13 Apr '12 Gold Prices Below 200 Day Average Despite Rally Ben Traynor
12 Apr '12 Gold Investment in 2012: The Bullish and Bearish Signals Ben Traynor
05 Apr '12 Why is Turkey Turning to Gold? Ben Traynor
30 Mar '12 Gold and Silver Prices Gain in First Quarter Ben Traynor
23 Mar '12 Late Surge Sees Gold Price Break Losing Streak Ben Traynor

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