Gold News
03 May '16 More Gold Than Peru Adrian Ash
05 Apr '16 New Wave of Gold Investing as Prices Jump Adrian Ash
01 Mar '16 Gold Selling Jumps on Best Price Move Since 2012 Adrian Ash
02 Feb '16 Gold Investing 2016: This Time for Real? Adrian Ash
05 Jan '16 Private Investing Bullish on Gold & Silver for 2016 Adrian Ash
01 Dec '15 Western Gold & Silver Investment Turns Asian Adrian Ash
03 Nov '15 Silver Investor Index Hits Record Low on Price Spike Adrian Ash
06 Oct '15 Panic into Bullion? Not Outside Coin Mark-Ups Adrian Ash
01 Sep '15 China Crash? Private Gold Investing Better Prepared Than Funds Adrian Ash
04 Aug '15 Gold Trading Jumps on '00 Thresholds' Drop Adrian Ash
07 Jul '15 Gold Investing Jumps, Selling Drops 30% Adrian Ash
02 Jun '15 Gold Investing Demand Stabilizes with Prices Adrian Ash
05 May '15 2015 Gold Sentiment Upturn Continues Adrian Ash
07 Apr '15 Gold Bullion Sentiment Rising in US, Falls on 'Euro Complacency' Adrian Ash
03 Mar '15 Gold & Silver Investing Strong, Sellers Vanish Adrian Ash
10 Feb '15 New! Silver Investing Grows Again, But Sellers Jump 83% Adrian Ash
03 Feb '15 New Gold Buying Hits 21-Month High Adrian Ash
06 Jan '15 Gold Investing Sentiment Hits 5-Year Low Adrian Ash
02 Dec '14 Private Gold Trading Hits 8-Month High Adrian Ash
04 Nov '14 Gold Buyers Drop 19%, Sellers Rise 9% Adrian Ash
07 Oct '14 Gold Replays 2013 Price Crash. So Does Private Gold Sentiment Adrian Ash
02 Sep '14 Gold Investment Positive, But Only Just Adrian Ash
05 Aug '14 Gold Investment Sentiment Rises 1st Time Since Feb Adrian Ash
01 Jul '14 Gold Investing Sentiment Hits 4.5-Year Low Adrian Ash
03 Jun '14 Gold Investors Buying Dips, Not Bull Adrian Ash

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