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Monthly archive, October 2009

30 Oct '09 Levenstein: We can expect much higher Gold Prices Goldbug
30 Oct '09 Buying Gold now is prudent, says fund manager Goldbug
30 Oct '09 Gold Prices to benefit from weaker dollar 'for the next quarter' Goldbug
30 Oct '09 Recession Over; Depression Begins Dan Denning
30 Oct '09 Gold & Ultra Easy Money Gary Dorsch
30 Oct '09 Sterling's Q.E. Overdose Gary Dorsch
30 Oct '09 What's Your Exposure? David Morgan
29 Oct '09 Risk appetite and potential inflation 'positive for Gold Prices' Goldbug
29 Oct '09 Gold Futures Manipulation Hard Assets Investor
29 Oct '09 Bankrupt Britain Adrian Ash
28 Oct '09 'Bullish' investment manager sees Gold Price upside Goldbug
28 Oct '09 Gold Prices to reach $3,000/oz 'in a few years' Goldbug
28 Oct '09 Gold Prices to rise again after 'temporary' dollar rebound Goldbug
28 Oct '09 US Dollar: Long-Term Decline, Short-Term Rally The Gold Report
28 Oct '09 Gold Price Divergence Julian D.W. Phillips
27 Oct '09 Dollar's reserve currency concerns 'could boost Gold Prices' Goldbug
27 Oct '09 Chinese Gold Investment demand 'to soar in next three years' Goldbug
27 Oct '09 Was 2008 Just a Dress Rehearsal? Dan Denning
27 Oct '09 All the Money in the World Mike Hewitt
27 Oct '09 Playing the Gold / Silver Ratio Hard Assets Investor
26 Oct '09 Gold Price of $1,500 per oz 'is achievable' Goldbug
26 Oct '09 Gold Price trend will remain upwards, says economist Goldbug
26 Oct '09 Borrowin' and Sorrowin' Bill Bonner
26 Oct '09 All Aboard! Hard Assets Investor
25 Oct '09 Gold Price to reach $1,250/oz 'by the end of the year' Goldbug

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