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Monthly archive, July 2009

31 Jul '09 China: The 800 lb. Gorilla of Commodities The Gold Report
31 Jul '09 US hedge fund managers 'turning to Gold Investment' Goldbug
30 Jul '09 Inmet lowers annual gold production target Goldbug
30 Jul '09 Gold Investment spurred as LGERI predicts $100 oil in 2012 Goldbug
29 Jul '09 WGC: China could surpass India as leading Gold-Buying country Goldbug
29 Jul '09 Jewellery demand 'to support Gold Prices' Goldbug
28 Jul '09 Gold Investment remains wise, says leading bullion dealer Goldbug
28 Jul '09 Gold Prices to benefit from 'under-pressure dollar' Goldbug
26 Jul '09 Newmont Mining decreases 2009 gold production outlook Goldbug
25 Jul '09 Survey highlights bullish views on Gold Prices Goldbug
24 Jul '09 Gold Prices set to hold firm, says VTB Capital analyst Goldbug
24 Jul '09 Gold Prices to 'ultimately head higher' Goldbug
24 Jul '09 Gold Buying 'appears to be favored at $950/oz' Goldbug
23 Jul '09 'Long-term inflation fears' could buoy Gold Investment Goldbug
23 Jul '09 More Mortgage Meltdown Chris Mayer
23 Jul '09 Gold Prices 'to improve with oil prices' Goldbug
22 Jul '09 Rome's Attack on Italy's Gold Adrian Ash
22 Jul '09 Gold Buying "Spree" in India Commodity Online
22 Jul '09 Inflation Ahead; Buy Gold The Gold Report
22 Jul '09 Bernanke's inflation comments 'could boost Gold Investment' Goldbug
22 Jul '09 Physical demand for Buying Gold 'to pick up soon' Goldbug
21 Jul '09 BullionVault vs. Gold ETFs Hard Assets Investor
21 Jul '09 Stupidly Suicidal Inflation The Mogambo Guru
21 Jul '09 Gartman tells investors to Buy Gold Goldbug
21 Jul '09 Gold Prices to 'soar to $1,600 and beyond' Goldbug

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