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Monthly archive, February 2009

12 Feb '09 Alaron maintains positive Gold Investment outlook Goldbug
12 Feb '09 Gold Investment increasing 'on a flight to safety' Goldbug
12 Feb '09 South African gold production down 17.6% in December Goldbug
12 Feb '09 Gold Up, Bonds Up...? Dan Denning
12 Feb '09 Gold Storage: Banks vs. Non-Bank Safe-Keeping Commodity Online
12 Feb '09 2009: Shock & Awe Doug Casey
11 Feb '09 The Long-Run Value of Gold, Part II Adrian Ash
11 Feb '09 Gold Investment on the rise as people 'seek insurance policy' Goldbug
11 Feb '09 Gold Prices 'can easily break new highs' Goldbug
11 Feb '09 Gold Price of $2,300 per oz 'would not be surprising' Goldbug
11 Feb '09 Zimbabwe: Pathology of Inflation John Lee
10 Feb '09 Gold Prices will remain high 'even if banking system collapses' Goldbug
10 Feb '09 Gold price 'still has scope to rise' Goldbug
10 Feb '09 Gold: A Crowded Trade? Hard Assets Investor
10 Feb '09 Big Funds Run to Gold The Mogambo Guru
10 Feb '09 Investing In Gold forces banks into rethink Goldbug
10 Feb '09 Gold: Common Law Money Dan Denning
09 Feb '09 What Iggy Pop Says About the Financial Crisis Adrian Ash
09 Feb '09 Economic concerns could lead to more people Investing In Gold Goldbug
09 Feb '09 Here Come the Zeros Bill Bonner
08 Feb '09 Gold has 'a lot more trust' than other assets Goldbug
07 Feb '09 Goldman Sachs increases gold price forecast Goldbug
06 Feb '09 'More investor interest' in gold at present Goldbug
06 Feb '09 Gold: Depression Safe Haven Gary Dorsch
06 Feb '09 India's Ailing Jewelry Business Commodity Online

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