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Monthly archive, January 2009

26 Jan '09 Investors' thirst for buying gold is 'insatiable' Goldbug
26 Jan '09 Gold investment rising as people seek safe havens Goldbug
26 Jan '09 Gold buying outlook bullish, according to Bloomberg survey Goldbug
26 Jan '09 Diversifying Your Monetary Assets The Gold Report
24 Jan '09 Broken Banks Adrian Ash
23 Jan '09 Banking sector fall-out leads investing in gold drive Goldbug
23 Jan '09 Sticking with the "Trade of the Decade" Bill Bonner
23 Jan '09 India Wants Gold, Not ETFs Commodity Online
22 Jan '09 Gold investment on the rise as people 'take long positions' Goldbug
22 Jan '09 Gold prices 'to be lifted' in the long term Goldbug
22 Jan '09 Heart of India's Gold Market Commodity Online
22 Jan '09 UK Gold, UK Banks Gary Dorsch
21 Jan '09 Waiting for Gono Adrian Ash
21 Jan '09 UBS increases medium-term gold price predictions Goldbug
21 Jan '09 Morgan Stanley raises gold price forecast Goldbug
21 Jan '09 'Pique' in gold investment interest expected in 2009 Goldbug
20 Jan '09 Gold prices due 'substantial rally' when liquidity unwinds Goldbug
20 Jan '09 Investing in gold on the rise as 'risk aversion is high' Goldbug
20 Jan '09 WGC: Gold demand up by 25% in Q4 2008 Goldbug
20 Jan '09 Go, Team Obama, Go! Doug Casey
19 Jan '09 Gold 2009: A Larger Allocation Commodity Online
19 Jan '09 Harmony halts gold production at Elandsrand after miner death Goldbug
19 Jan '09 Investors buying gold 'as a hedge against inflation' Goldbug
19 Jan '09 Demand for gold investment 'to be strong' in 2009 Goldbug
19 Jan '09 Splat! Worse to Come Dan Denning

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