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Monthly archive, December 2008

18 Dec '08 Confessions of a Hedge Fund Manager Eric Fry
18 Dec '08 No Rubicons Left to Cross Dan Denning
17 Dec '08 Gold Market Alert Julian D.W. Phillips
17 Dec '08 Gold investment will be the 'real winner' in the long term Goldbug
17 Dec '08 Gold prices will benefit from 'cure of deflation' Goldbug
17 Dec '08 Gold investment is the 'ultimate security blanket' Goldbug
17 Dec '08 Gold, the Fed & Sterile Inflation The Gold Report
16 Dec '08 Gold prices 'could double' over the next few years Goldbug
16 Dec '08 Fund manager: You can't go wrong with a physical gold investment Goldbug
16 Dec '08 Gold prices 'will rally above $1,000 per oz' Goldbug
16 Dec '08 Price-Earning Shocker! The Mogambo Guru
16 Dec '08 The Freedom to Fail Dr Ron Paul
15 Dec '08 Women's demand for buying gold 'has not been dampened' Goldbug
15 Dec '08 Demand for investing in gold is 'still strong' Goldbug
15 Dec '08 Fed interest rate cut 'would boost gold investment' Goldbug
15 Dec '08 Junior Gold Miners: Subprime in Gold The Gold Report
15 Dec '08 The Credit Crunch Gets Personal Doug Casey
13 Dec '08 The Trouble with Gold, Part III Adrian Ash
13 Dec '08 Gold Standard to Return? Julian D.W. Phillips
13 Dec '08 Goldman Sachs raises gold price forecast Goldbug
12 Dec '08 Goldman Sachs raises gold price forecasts Goldbug
12 Dec '08 Gold prices set for sustained rise 'on inflation fears' Goldbug
12 Dec '08 The Nuclear Option Dan Amoss
12 Dec '08 Classic Break-Down William Rees-Mogg
11 Dec '08 Gold investment may rise as IEA sees oil demand up in 2009 Goldbug

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