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Monthly archive, November 2008

14 Nov '08 The Future of America: A History Bill Bonner
14 Nov '08 Reflation Redux! And what it means for gold Julian D.W. Phillips
13 Nov '08 Underlying physical demand 'will keep gold strong' Goldbug
13 Nov '08 Gold output in South Africa slumps by 17.7% Goldbug
13 Nov '08 BullionVault sees surge of gold buying in Britain Goldbug
13 Nov '08 Gold price 'will reach $1,000 per oz' in next three years Goldbug
12 Nov '08 Sharp gold price rise is 'only a matter of time' Goldbug
12 Nov '08 Demand for buying physical gold is still 'very, very strong' Goldbug
12 Nov '08 Metals trader links interest rate reductions with increased gold investment Goldbug
12 Nov '08 Idiot Bond Buyers The Mogambo Guru
11 Nov '08 Gold price could be boosted as OPEC hints at further cuts Goldbug
11 Nov '08 Your Rights, Their Rules Dan Denning
11 Nov '08 The Fed's Balance Sheet Doug Casey
11 Nov '08 Gold looking strong as markets are 'unconvinced' of recovery Goldbug
10 Nov '08 WGC vice-president: It is 'high time' people made a gold investment Goldbug
10 Nov '08 Chinese stimulus package is 'positive for gold investment' Goldbug
10 Nov '08 Gold Bull Hits Short-Term Bear Market The Gold Report
10 Nov '08 October Crash, 2008 Gary Dorsch
10 Nov '08 Gold & the US Default The Gold Report
10 Nov '08 The Glass-Steagall Act Doug Casey
09 Nov '08 Commodity expert says gold prices 'will hit $1,500 per oz' Goldbug
08 Nov '08 Gold 'could trade steadily at $2,500 per oz' Goldbug
08 Nov '08 Cheap Money & Cordite Adrian Ash
08 Nov '08 Gold prices are now 'attractive for long positions' Goldbug
08 Nov '08 Investing in gold appealing after IEA predicts major oil price rebound Goldbug

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