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Review: BullionVault at IX Investor 2006


LONDON, October 20th & 21st 2006 -- BullionVault took part in the recent IX Investor 2006. is very different to most modern investment services. Customers buy real physical gold at about a tenth of the cost associated with typical managed services, almost all of which deal only in intangible assets.

This was emphasised by displaying a genuine 400oz [12.5kg] professional market gold bullion bar on the stand. Visitors who were strong enough (because it weighs about 26 pounds) were allowed to pick it up inside its special toughened glass display case, which had a hole in the front allowing them to do so.

The Daily Reckoning's Adrian Ash commented wryly on the experience.

BullionVault's director Paul Tustain presented a seminar on why to invest in gold and how to do it. As a result of many requests from people who were unable to attend his speech and slides have been posted here.

The BullionVault team, flanked by Brink's guards.

The constructive and discreet assistance of the Brink's staff, who kept the gold under secure supervision throughout the day, was warmly acknowledged by all the BullionVault team.


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