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Oro Y Finanzas: BullionVault Lands in Spain

LONDON, 29 March 2012 - The launch of Spanish-language access to BullionVault - the world's largest provider of investment gold online - today makes the front-page of Oroyfinanzas, Spain's most popular gold and silver news website.

"Spain is beginning to arouse the interest of companies dedicating to gold and silver investment," says the site,

"First came those 'I buy gold' businesses which flooded the Spanish market. Now, in the heat of European crisis...more and more investors are conscious that people keeping their savings in gold have fully protected their purchasing power this whole decade."

Calling BullionVault "the premier platform for buying and selling" investment bullion in the UK, "Its users can acquire gold and silver at very competitive prices," says the website.

"The value of transactions executed on BullionVault in 2011 rose to ?1.8 billion."

You can read the full story in Spanish here, or in a rough English translation on Babelfish here...

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Oro Y Finanzas