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Shares: New Year Means New Opportunities

LONDON, 5 January 2012 - Chief economist at BullionVault, Ben Traynor is today quoted at length in a special 2012 preview from Shares magazine, one the UK's best-selling investment weeklies.

Interviewed at the turn of the year, "The big, global, underlying theme next year - and for many years to come - will continue to be debt," says Ben. "There are potential crises waiting to flare up all over."

"The gold expert is in little doubt what is coming next," says Shares. "Default or devalue remain the watchwords" on government debt. "Many creditors will not get back, in real terms, what they feel they are owed," says Ben.

Quoted alongside market analysts and economists from leading UK stockbrokers, insurers and spread-betting platforms, Ben also explains the likely impact on financial markets of this year's US presidential election, the growing debt bubble in China, and continued "deleveraging" by speculative traders such as hedge funds.

"Unsurprisingly positive" on gold in 2012, as Shares puts it, Ben also says how strong user-demand has been on BullionVault - the world's largest physical gold and silver market for private individuals - as the New Year begins.

"A lot of [gold] investment was frustrated by the summer's big run. BullionVault users in aggregate tend to buy the dips, and they've added three tonnes of gold and 47 tonnes of silver to their holdings since September" when the gold price hit new all-time highs.

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