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Mail on Sunday: Everyone's On the Hunt for Gold

LONDON, 8 January 2012 - World-leading gold provider BullionVault features today in a 6-page report on the global gold investment boom published by The Mail on Sunday.

The UK's top-selling Sunday newspaper, the Mail on Sunday now has a circulation of more than two million copies, and boasts a readership of more than six million.

Its Live magazine supplement, which carries the gold report and infographics - including photographs explaining the mining, panning and refining processes, as well as the markings on London Good Delivery bars - is targeted at paper's male readership, more usually covering gadgets, sports celebrities and auto reviews.

"Money can be destroyed by inflation and deflation but gold doesn't go anywhere," says BullionVault head of research Adrian Ash, interviewed by freelance journalist Warren Pole and quoted alongside gold-market experts including Will Tankard, senior analyst at Thomson Reuters GFMS, and Marcus Grubb, managing director for investment at the World Gold Council.

"Currencies are being debased, interest rates are low - where do you invest?" asks Jeremy Charles, HSBC Bank's global head of precious metals.

"Housing? Equities? Cash? Well possibly, but these days there is also a growing trend to hold some gold in a portfolio and that's really been the sea change in the past ten years."

"We can't create it and we can't destroy it," says Adrian. "It's been a store of wealth for 5,000 years - that's quite a track record."

You can read the full article at the Mail on Sunday here...

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