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MSN Money: Profiting During the Downturn

LONDON, 14 March 2012 - Paul Tustain, CEO and founder of BullionVault, is featured today amongst 15 entrepreneurs who "profited during the downturn" profiled by MSN's UK Money channel.

One of the UK's top 20 most popular sites, the finance and savings portal from Microsoft includes BullionVault's founder alongside Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, football (and sponsorship) star David Beckham, and pop-music mogul Simon Cowell.

"Some of us need to feel something solid and real to take away the feeling that the money in our wallets is worth only the paper it's printed on," says MSN. "Paul Tustain founded BullionVault to capitalise on this, and as panic spreads about recession and inflation it has grown to store around £1.37 billion of client gold, silver and cash."

You can read the full story at MSN Money here...

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