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Mail on Sunday: Savers Rush for Gold on Eurozone Fears

LONDON, 15 April 2012 - The Mail on Sunday - the UK's second-best selling Sunday newspaper, with audited sales of 1.2 million per week - today features BullionVault in its award-winning Financial Mail section.

Profiling a BullionVault user who holds 1 kilo of gold in the London vault, The Mail compares BullionVault with other routes to precious-metals investment, and calls it "the world's biggest private investor marketplace for gold and silver."

"Bullion-Vault quotes continual buying and selling prices and offers secure storage in London, New York and Zurich," says the paper.

"I?m not disheartened" by the recent drop in the gold price, says the BullionVault interviewed for The Mail on Sunday's feature.

"This is a long-term investment...through economic crisis. I have money set aside for emergencies, but if I need to sell my gold, I can. [On BullionVault] there?s always a market."

You can read the full story here at The Mail on Sunday...

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