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TrustableGold: What Is Vaulted Gold?

LONDON, 11 April 2012 - Secure, low-cost gold and silver market BullionVault features extensively today in a new infographic produced by gold-investment comparison site, Trustable Gold.

"Vaulted gold combines outright ownership in gold with the ease of use of investment products," says the Berlin-based review service. It explains what vaulted gold is as an asset category, and shows the market's strong growth over the last decade.

Out of the 12 different offerings listed on Trustable Gold's clear and simple infographic, BullionVault has come to dominate worldwide, both in terms of client holdings and also with its ultra-low costs, as the Trustable Gold comparison engine shows.

To learn more about vaulted gold, and to compare the different products available to private investors today, see the new infographic from Trustable Gold here...

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