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Chris Martenson: Interview with Paul Tustain

LONDON, 13 April 2012 - Paul Tustain, founder and CEO of BullionVault - the world's #1 gold and silver marketplace for private investors online - is today the interview guest of Chris Martenson, the US trend forecaster and author of the widely popular Crash Course video series.

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"You have to watch out for that word 'creditor'," says Paul Tustain, speaking to Chris Martenson by phone from BullionVault's London offices. "When you see CR [on your bank statement], you are on the balance sheet. You are at risk."

Besides examining counterparty risk across the financial world, Chris and Paul also discuss claims of price manipulation in the precious metals markets, and the outlook for gold and silver price long term.

"I do not think the fundamentals have changed," says Paul. "I certainly do not think anything has been fixed. Sometimes you have to be patient."

You can listen to the full 37-minute interview at here...

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Chris Martenson