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The Sunday Times: Gold - The Great Debate

LONDON, 24 July 2011 - World-leading gold ownership service BullionVault today appears in an article from The Sunday Times in London about the sharp rise in gold prices.

"Gold closed above the $1600 an ounce barrier for the first time last week, but opinion is divided on where its price will head next," says the UK's best-selling paper, citing a range of 'bear' and 'bull' City analysts and fund managers, as well as repeating George Soros' "ultimate bubble" quote from early 2010.

Central banks in emerging economies including China, Russia and India, says the Sunday Times, are buying gold to reduc e their US Dollar exposure, "Private investors have recently been piling into the precious metal," it adds.

"BullionVault, an online trader that sells and stores gold, said its 23,000 customers bought more than £3m of gold on Monday alone."

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