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MineWeb: Gold, Greece & Bubbles

LONDON, 22 June 2011 - Top-ranked gold and mining news-site MineWeb today features an exclusive 20-minute interview with BullionVault's Adrian Ash.

Head of research at the world-leading gold ownership service since 2006, Adrian has been analyzing and writing about gold investment for more than a decade. Widely quoted across the mainstream financial media, Adrian's market opinions have been sought by The Economist, CNBC and Financial Times amongst many others, and he is a frequent guest on the BBC.

"You can understand why journalists and commentators who don't follow the gold market very closely look at it and see there's a bubble," Adrian now tells Geoff Candy at MineWeb. But its steady gains of the last 10 years are "hardly parabolic," he says, and "In terms of volatility, gold's is incredibly low at the moment and it has been over the last few years."

Ranging from monetary policy to Chinese household demand, the Greek debt crisis to central-bank gold buying worldwide, the interview concludes with a forecast for gold trading over the summer and into the seasonally busy autumn period.

You can read the transcript - or listen to the interview - at MineWeb here...

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