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Financial Times: Top Tips to Buy Gold

LONDON, 30 July 2011 - BullionVault, the UK's largest physical gold ownership service, today features as the stand-out deal for low-cost investment in a report from the Financial Times.

"Gold has continued to rise in price in recent weeks," writes Alice Ross, deputy personal finance editor of the FT's weekend Money supplement, "as investors concerned about the debt crises from Greece to the US have been increasing buying the metal as a safe haven asset."

Briefly outlining the pros and cons of buying physical gold coins against buying shares in exchange-traded trust funds (ETFs), "Specialist providers will buy physical gold and store it in vaults or nominee accounts for investors," the FT goes on, "giving them the security of knowing the gold is held in their name."

One provider, the FT warns, charges 2% as an initial fee and 1% when the gold is sold. "In contrast, BullionVault charges 0.8% to deal and an annual storage fee of 0.12%, which it points out makes holding costs more cost efficient than an ETF on positions above £7,300."

You can read the FT Money article here...

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