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The Scotsman: Gold Attracts a Wealth of Fans

LONDON, 17 August 2011 - BullionVault - the UK's largest provider of gold bullion to private investors - today features in a report on how to buy gold from The Scotsman, the UK's best-selling regional paper.

"The price of gold has been tipped to reach new record highs," says The Scotsman. But "Deciding to invest in gold is one thing - how to do it is the next challenge," says the paper's Scotsman's personal finance editor, Jeff Salway.

"Physical gold is one option, although buying actual gold bars is out of the question for most investors. It is possible to buy shares in physical gold, however, through the likes of BullionVault (, where investors can own fractions of gold bars that are stored in depositories in London, Zurich and New York."

You can read The Scotsman's full report here...

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