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MarketWatch: Gold Futures Close at Record High

LONDON, 16 August 2011 - Leading financial news-site MarketWatch's report on today's new record high in the New York gold price features a comment from Adrian Ash, head of research at world-leading gold ownership service BullionVault.

Noting the latest round of talks to try and resolve the Eurozone debt crisis, "Whatever quick fix Berlin and Paris cobble together, the gold market will take a lot of convincing that the Eurozone crisis has ended," says Adrian.

But he also points out that the gold price has been rising much faster in Dollars than Euros, MarketWatch adds, "up 27% for the year to date vs. 19% in the Euro."

"Currency debauchment remains more a rumor in Europe for now," Adrian says. "In the United States, it's plain fact."

You can read the full MarketWatch report here...

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