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CNN: Going for Gold

LONDON, 17 August 2011 - Paul Tustain - founder and CEO of BullionVault, the world's No.1 online gold ownership service - is interviewed today by CNN

"For the serious investor, it's the most efficient option," says CNN's Leone Lakhani, noting that BullionVault gold costs a premium of less than 1% over the wholesale 'spot' price, and is stored securely in accredited vaults.

"It's easier to buy gold now than it is to buy stocks and shares. You just go online," says Paul.

"You can invest in any denomination. We have people routinely investing a couple of hundred Dollars...all the way down to $50 which is [currently the price of] one gram."

Asked whether he thinks gold is a good investment at today's record-high prices, "People buy gold when they fear that the value of their currency is going to fall for a prolonged period.

"If you think the Dollar or the Pound can lose a great deal more value, and a lot of people think that can happen, then you certainly do want to buy gold at these prices."

You can watch CNN's two-minute report here...

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