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ITV: Is Gold Worth Hanging Onto?

LONDON, 8 September 2011 - BullionVault head of research Adrian Ash was a guest today on ITV's magazine and chat show, The Alan Titchmarsh Show.

"The price of this stuff - gold - has rocketed to near record levels," said celebrity gardener, broadcaster and novelist Alan Titchmarsh MBE at the top of the show. "The reason is, people think it's a safe place to invest in troubled economic times, and we've had our fair share of those recently."

"People buy gold when other things look like a bad investment," agreed Adrian. "You've had two stock-market crashes in the last 10 years, the property market has come off, you've had the credit bubble blow up. [Whereas] gold has held its value and been a good place to invest."

Appearing alongside a jewellery dealer and a Which? magazine spokeswoman - who both focused on the best way to avoid getting ripped off when you sell unwanted gold items for cash - "Gold's a kind of insurance," Adrian went on.

"When people are looking at how they're going to protect their savings against inflation, against the stock market crashing, they turn to gold. Because it's rare, and it's physically indestructible, and it's been used as a way of storing value, storing wealth, storing your savings, for more than 5,000 years."

Asked if it worth hanging onto gold at these prices, "If you think the financial crisis is all over and everything's going to be sorted out, then gold probably looks pretty expensive as insurance for your other investments right now," Adrian advised.

Regularly drawing a mid-afternoon audience of 3-4 million viewers, Thursday's show also had British actress Joan Collins and Italian chef Antonio Carluccio amongst its guests.

You can catch Adrian's appearance - until the first week of October - at the start of the show on the ITV Player here...

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