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Panorama Economy: How to buy gold online

LONDON, 9 September 2011 - Italian magazine Panorama today features BullionVault as the most secure and trustworthy way of buying investment gold and silver online.

In an article describing the various ways of buying gold online, Italy's most popular weekly magazine recommends BullionVault for the low commission rates, the storage facilities and the possibility of buying allocated gold.

"Clients buy gold online and store it in private vaults located in London, Zurich and New York," writes Andrea Telara, financial editor at Panorama Economy.

Interviewed by the magazine, Carlo Vallotto, independent analyst and expert in precious metals, adds: "Investors should make sure they always buy allocated gold, as it is the only form of investment that can guarantee full ownership especially when it is stored in a counterparty?s vault."

Those who are familiar with Italian can read the full article here...

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