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Media coverage of BullionVault 4 Reasons Gold Remains a Safe Haven

LONDON, 31 August 2011 - Comments from online gold and silver market BullionVault today feature in a detailed report on investor attitudes towards precious metals from leading US finance site,

Looking at currency debasement, strong Asian demand, central-bank buying and rising financial stress globally, "Gold isn't the perfect safe haven but it's the best one you are going to get," TheStreet quotes a phone interview with Adrian Ash, head of research for BullionVault.

"According to Ash, the Swiss Franc and Yen are other popular safe havens but their associated countries don't want them to be," says the report. "Although pullbacks have been fast and furious, Ash argues that a $100 move is, percentage wise, not a big deal."

Other experts quoted alongside BullionVault include Marcus Grubb, managing director of market-development organization the World Gold Council, and Rick Rule, founder of the Global Resource Investments brokerage.

Besides highlighting gold's 5,000-year history as a store of value, Adrian also notes that US investors have accumulated $111 billion of gold exposure over the past 10 years. That compares, says TheStreet, with "$11 trillion of net worth, meaning that gold is still a very small amount of investors' wealth."

Read the full report at TheStreet here...

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