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Press Association: When Will Rates Rise?

LONDON, 21 September 2010 - Low-cost gold ownership service BullionVault features today in a widely syndicated article from the Press Association comparing the performance of different asset classes since the Northern Rock banking run of 3 years ago last week.

Published by several regional UK newspapers, the story notes that "If only shell-shocked Northern Rock savers who queued on the High Street to withdraw £10,000 from the stricken bank on September 14, 2007, had steeled themselves to buy gold with the cash...their investment (including all purchase and storage costs) would have grown to an impressive £22,929 - a 119.6% return."

Recommending that readers telephone BullionVault's West London offices, or visit its website, the story can be read - amongst other news outlets - at the Northern Echo here

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