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BBC World Service: All That Glisters Is...?

LONDON, 16 September 2010 - Low-cost gold ownership service BullionVault featured tonight on the BBC World Service - the world's leading international broadcaster, with a global audience of 180 million per week.

"Gold has long been seen as a place of safety," says World Business News presenter Mike Johnson, "and so it's proving once again, despite warnings that the price could be nearing its peak."

Asked why BullionVault's 20,000 customers are buying and holding gold, "Gold appeals when people are worried about the value of money in particular, and [also about] other investments," replies Adrian Ash, head of research at the secure gold provider.

Contrasting gold's rarity with the "mismanaged money" now flooding world markets, Ash points to zero interest rates as a key motivation for gold investment today.

You can download the full interview at the BBC here...

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