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Economist Money: Opportunities in Precious Metals

LONDON, 21 September 2010 ? Major Japanese newspaper Mainichi Shinbun's monthly Economist Money magazine today highlights as a secure, low-cost way for private investors to buy, own and trade physical gold.

The special report, written by Standard Bank Tokyo's branch manager Bruce Ikemizu, notes the impact on gold prices of major-economy government policy ? notably quantitative easing by Japan, the US and UK ? with strong demand from Asian investors adding to upwards pressure from Western investors.

Akio Shibata, director of the Marubeni Research Institute, adds that "In the long term, I believe the gold price should rise. Between 1980 and 2008, world GDP rose six-fold, but gold prices only recovered their $800 peak. Today, the current gold price is clearly too low."

Ikemizu then introduces five ways that Japanese investors can access the gold market, calling them his "personal favorites" for private investment.

Alongside Tokyo bank programs and local Japanese bullion dealer, world-leading ownership service, BullionVault features as the only outside-Japan storage solution.

"This involves storing physical gold in London, Zurich and New York," says Standard Bank's Ikemizu. "The gold is allocated gold, and so it is very secure. It is possible to trade on BullionVault 24 hours a day.

Economist Money magazine boasts a circulation of 85,000, with 93% of readers being active traders.

Part of the Economist Money article is reproduced on the Mainichi newspaper's website here.

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