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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Savers Trade Cash for Silver

LONDON, 8 October 2010 ? Cash savers "eager to beat inflation" are buying silver to defend their money, says the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, which features charts and comments from, the world's No.1 gold ownership service online.

Published continuously for more than 200 years, the daily newspaper now reaches over a million people in print, and boasts nearly 3 million readers online.

"People are seeing the train pull out of the station," the Post-Gazette quotes Blaine Shiff, a coin dealer in the Dormont suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

"We are still far from an all-time high in silver," says BullionVault head of research, Adrian Ash, speaking by phone from London.

"Gold is at an all-time high and people are [becoming] very familiar with the gold story. Silver is part of the gold story broadening."

You can read the full report at Pittsburgh Post-Gazette here.

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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette