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MotleyFool UK: Where Next for Gold?

LONDON, 8 October 2010 ? Adrian Ash, head of research at world No.1 gold-ownership service online,, is this week's industry expert in a half-hour interview broadcast by the Motley Fool UK today.

"People buy gold when they fear that money is going to lose value," says Adrian at the start of his in-depth interview with David Kuo ? the Fool UK's media personality, and a regular guest on BBC London's Breakfast Show, as well as CNBC and Sky News.

Together, Adrian and David discuss the outlook for inflation, real interest rates, equities, bonds, currencies ? especially the Euro and Sterling ? plus silver investing, gold-mining costs, the impact of Chinese and Indian household demand on bullion prices, plus the "right" long-term allocation for private investors buying gold today.

"Yes, gold will [one day] cease to be the best place for a significant chunk of your cash," says Adrian. "[But] I think there's always going to be a case for having some money in gold, because otherwise you're not very well diversified.

"It's just a lump of metal, but it's a lump of metal that people have used to store wealth for a very, very long time, longer than anything else, and it comes into its own at times of crisis. [Today] I don't see this crisis ? this slow, grinding crisis ? I don't see it being over just yet."

You can download the 36-minute podcast at here or read the full transcript here.

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