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The Observer: Buying Gold ? How to Do It

LONDON, 10 October 2010 ? Secure, low-cost gold trading and ownership service BullionVault today tops a major UK Sunday newspaper's list of the best ways to buy gold.

"Anyone can walk into a gold a Krugerrand for about £900 and walk off," says Patrick Collinson, money editor at the Guardian newspaper group, writing in The Observer.

"But professional investors usually prefer to speculate in physical gold through internet sellers (from just £30)."

Topping The Observer's review of how to buy gold, "Britain's biggest bullion dealer is BullionVault, an online-only operation with vaults in London, New York and Zurich," says Collinson.

"Buyers can purchase just a gram of gold for about £27 and the first gram is free on signing up. Buyers are in effect taking part-ownership of a 400oz gold bar (you can buy a whole one for $500,000), which allows access to wholesale-style prices when dealing.

"The firm has 20,000 traders and stores 21 tonnes of gold, about 75% of it in Zurich."

You can read The Observer's full report on How to Buy Gold here.

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