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The Times: Is Now a Good Time to Buy Gold?

LONDON, 2 October 2010 - Gold market insight from BullionVault - the world No.1 for private gold trading and ownership online - features today in The Times' Money section.

"Our clients see gold as a hedge against bad news of whatever kind," the newspaper quotes Adrian Ash, BullionVault head of research, "and in the past three years there has been no shortage of bad news, including banking collapses, stock market routs, quantitative easing and loudly voiced concerns about a double-dip recession."

Also quoting analysis and market views from top fund managers including Bradley George at Investec and Evy Hambro at the £2.3bn Blackrock Gold & General, "A state of economic emergency has become the new status quo," says The Times - the UK's second most popular weekday quality paper.

"Mr Ash thinks that owning gold will remain a key consideration for many individuals for a long time to come...[and] he is not alone in his bullish predictions."

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