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Mail on Sunday: Join the gold rush (shovel not needed)

LONDON, 23 May 2010 ? The UK's best-selling "mid-market" Sunday paper ? the Mail on Sunday ? today features as the first of three ways to access the bull market in gold prices.

Asking "How do you invest in gold?", the Mail on Sunday's deputy finance editor, Richard Dyson, interviews Suffolk resident John Whitehead, a BullionVault user since 2008.

"Until recently there was no easy way to invest in gold. I bought coins but was worried about storage and my ability to sell easily," Mr.Whitehead says.

Using BullionVault, "My aim is not to trade actively, but to buy and hold, taking profits when it seems right and investing again if prices fall back," he tells the Mail on Sunday.

"I wish I'd invested more."

Looking at how best to buy and hold physical gold, "You need ultra-reliable assurances from your dealer and storage firm that your gold is there," says the Mail on Sunday. It then explains how BullionVault achieves these assurances each and every day.

Around half of Bullion Vault's client base is UK-based, holding an average 33 ounce of gold apiece ? worth some £23,000 at current prices.

Read the Mail on Sunday's article here.

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