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Press Association: "Obvious haven" in stormy times

LONDON, 24 May 2010 ? World-leading gold trading and ownership service features today in a detailed report on the investment challenges facing near-retirees published by the Press Association.

The international news agency, founded in 1868, asks "What assets can secure a comfortable old age if pensions, shares and cash in the bank are leaving the 50-plus generation hard up?"

Looking at collectible cars and fine wines as tax-exempt investments, the recent rise in world gold prices "[is] a sign of growing unease about sovereign debts built up by so many countries around the world," says Jeremy Gates, the PA's personal finance correspondent.

"People buy gold when they don't trust the alternatives," the PA article ? syndicated across the UK's regional press ? quotes Adrian Ash, head of research at

"Near-zero rates of interest and fast-spreading fears of a genuine government debt crisis all point to further gains ahead."

Ahead of the much-expected increase in Capital Gains Tax for UK investors scheduled for June's emergency Budget, "There are two ways to hold gold outside the tax net," explains Adrian.

Around half of Bullion Vault's client base is UK-based, holding an average 33 ounce of gold apiece ? worth some £23,000 at current prices.

You can read the PA's full story here.

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