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Daily Telegraph: Gold "could double" in five years

LONDON, 20 May 2010 ? World-leading gold ownership service today features in a Daily Telegraph report on expert forecasts for the gold price.

Graham French at UK fund managers M&G says "it wouldn't be too far fetched to see gold rising above $2000, or even up to $3000."

Rupert Robinson at Schroders Private Bank says $2000 an ounce could be "easily" achieved in the next 5 years.

Richard Davis of the giant BlackRock fund management group tells The Telegraph that gold's previous 1980 peak "would be equivalent to more than $2200 in today's terms."

BullionVault's head of research, Adrian Ash, adds that: "Inflation is not the driver. It's real interest rates that matter, because if cash is beating inflation, no one needs gold. Whereas when cash loses value, year after year ? and if the major productive alternatives, such as bonds, shares and property, also fail investors as well ? then gold really comes into its own..."

You can read Adrian's comments, plus analysis from other leading gold analysts, at The Telegraph website here.

Ian Cowie ? the Daily Telegraph's personal finance editor since 1989 ? also quotes BullionVault extensively on his blog here.

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