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Wealth Bulletin: Investors stick with gold as volatility refuge

LONDON, 17 May 2010 ? ? the world-leading gold trading and ownership service ? is quoted today by Wealth Bulletin, a news and analysis site for the global wealth management industry, operated by Dow Jones' eFinancial News division.

"High net worth individuals want a reliable, unindebted and proven home for their wealth," the site quotes Adrian Ash, head of research at BullionVault.

"Increasingly, they're choosing gold."

Citing analysis provided by BullionVault ? and publishing its chart of the FTSE-100 index versus the gold price in Sterling ? Wealth Bulletin also features comments from private wealth managers in London.

Rupert Robinson, chief executive of London-based Schroders Private Bank, said gold had proved itself as an asset class, despite headwinds including a strong dollar and monetary tightening in India and China, the main end markets for gold.

"There are signs that gold may be becoming over-owned and too fashionable in the short term," reckons one private banker, "though in the long term, gold is a good asset to hang on to."

You can read Wealth Bulletin's full report here.

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