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Daily Mail: Euro crisis sparks new rush to buy gold

LONDON, 14 May 2010 ? New client growth and website traffic figures from BullionVault ? the UK's No.1 provider of physical gold to private investors ? are quoted today in the Daily Mail's financial section.

Reporting "panic-buying of gold" on continental Europe, The Mail says Austria's Mint has almost run out of gold coins in stock. Swiss refinery Argor-Heraeus says demand for small gold bars has jumped ten-fold since January.

"We're seeing [trading] volumes running at about 300% of normal," says Paul Tustain, founder and director of

At present, that remains around 80% of the record volumes seen on BullionVault's live investment-gold exchange amid the Lehman Brothers' collapse of late 2008.

You can read the Daily Mail's full story here.

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